Welcome to my blog: about me…

This is my first ever blog post so I thought I would take the oppurtunity to tell you a little bit more about myself.

My name is Natalie and I have just completed my first year of medical school at Cardiff University, it has been one of the most amazing but also one of the hardest years of my life thus far, but more about that another time, for now lets just stick to the basics. I am currently 19 years old and living in Manchester.

Medicine has been a career I was interested in since GCSE years in high school, I always enjoyed the science and enjoyed my human biology and human chemistry topics most, this led me to explore more about my options and I ended up being pointed towards medicine. Once I gained my GCSEs I went off to college and became more devoted to applying, I underwent work experience and the dreaded entrance exams and aptitude tests as well as focused on my studies in an aim to gain a place at medical school, and 1.5 years after applying I am proud to say I have completed my first year.

I spend a lot of my time helping potential applicants on the student room (shout out to anyone who recognizes me), and during my application cycle that site was infinitely useful as a resource. When I was applying I struggled finding up to date useful information on all things exams and medicine, out on the web there is really very few medics sharing their experiences and giving advice to future applicants and this is why I chose to create this blog.  My aim is to fit this around my studies and help anyone requiring advice, anything from general study tips to more in detail breakdowns of medical school admissions criteria will eventually be found on this blog.

For now it will be quite bare, but I can assure everyone that over time I will add information, tips and advice here for everyone to share!

for now,

Natalie x





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